Changes to the Assets Test for Centrelink Aged Pensions from 1 January 2017

As the end of the calendar year is drawing rapidly to a close it may feel like the changes to the Asset Test for the Aged Pension have just been drawn up, however, these were announced in the 2015 Federal Budget.

As a Senior, you may be asking yourself, “what does this really mean for me – and what are my options?”


Quote of the Day

If money and time are limited resources, why do we spend so much on acquiring more “stuff”?

While we expect a bigger car or house to make us happier,

we inevitably adapt and end up wanting something else.

Instead, psychologists say money is often better invested in experiences.


2016 March Quarter Review

Economic Overview

China, commodities and central banks were the focus for global investors in a volatile quarter that swung from fear about global growth prospects to relative confidence.


Can’t Drink Your Investment Troubles Away 

15 April 2016

There are three givens when it comes to investing.

The first given: if you meet an investor who is looking to try something new, or is restless about their investments, it’s almost inevitable that they’ve recently endured some poor returns.


Stock Pickers Flame Out Again

8 April 2016

It’s always fun when investment gurus or media talking heads put together a list of their top investments to buy. History has shown no one, from professional investment manager to average Joe, can consistently outperform the market. Yet despite the litany of evidence against stock picking, many in the media are still prepared to chance their arm – often hoping the rest of us will forget how their last load of picks turned out.


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