Five Investment Rules to Remember

6 February 2015

The world’s in a mess! Oil’s tanked. Greece and the European Union are fighting over debt (again). Australia has a Prime Minister hanging on by the fingernails (again). The Australian dollar has cratered against the US. Madmen are running riot through the Middle East (again). Interest rates have been slashed in Australia and all over the world because economies are shaky.


MGH Financial Planners | 2014 Year In Review 

Economic Overview 

Divergence in economies and markets was a major theme for investors in 2014, alongside geopolitical tensions and sliding commodity prices. 

With US activity picking up, the US Federal Reserve ended its quantitative easing program and signalled potential interest rate rises in 2015. An increase in US interest rates would be the first move since 2008, although it said it would exercise patience.


Self-Interest & Active Costs

18 December 2014

No hint of irony from Westpac this week, as their submission to the Senate inquiry on financial advice argued for more government regulation in the financial planning industry.


A Lesson In Diversification

11 December 2014

“I’m starting to think I should be focussing on less volatile investments.” It was an offhand comment, but it was clearly thrown in my direction in the hope I’d ask him to elaborate on the volatile investments he’d been focussing on.


When Filtering Doesn't Work

21 Novermber 2014 

If you intend to pick the best shares to buy it helps to have some sort of system to sort the wheat from the chaff. Amateurs and professionals alike usually need their system so they can justify their final picks to themselves or their intended audience.


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