Another Retirement Reminder  

8 May 2015  

If you have children or grandchildren it would be smart to offer them some explicit advice about retirement – don’t expect to rely on the government.


The Motive Behind Financial Predictions

7 May 2015

You may have noticed oil has been a consistent theme this year. Not because we’re predicting where it may go, or even have any interest in the price (beyond how it impacts us at the pump), but because the price fall lured plenty of financial forecasters out from under their rocks to tell us all where the price would be going next.


The Spruikers' Handicap

10 April 2015 

With low interest rates continuing to heat up some property markets around Australia there seems to be an ever increasing number of real estate spruikers or “property specialists” (as they’re calling themselves) coming out of the woodwork to push their wares.


This Is Not About Oil

8 April 2015

Ever heard the saying “a lie gets half way around the world before the truth puts it pants on”? Well, when it’s a financial lie and it’s being repeated often enough by lazy journalists, a lie can do a few laps of the world before the truth puts it pants on.


Keep Your Advisor In The Loop

19 March 2015

If you work with a financial advisor, it always helps to remember what they exist for. A financial advisor exists to help you with your financial circumstances and decisions – whatever they may be.


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