Response To Market Volatility

26 August 2015 

We are currently witnessing increased volatility in financial markets. Market declines spook people and many think the worst. Financial media quickly switches into alert mode by showing special segments and pumping out more reports, while anyone pushing a newsletter proclaiming the end is near jumps in to proclaim “this is the moment!” 


Winter Freeze Gets Even Colder For Some

14 August 2014 

With much of Australia shivering through its coldest winter in decades, a freeze is also being felt by thousands of everyday investors whose funds have been locked up in a troubled mortgage fund.


Greek Debt Not The Apocalypse

2 July 2015

Greece and its debt obligations (and default) are back on the agenda in a big way and that means a whole host of experts are filling media air time and column space with what they think will happen next.

They don’t know, but they’ll happily tell you they do. If you’re in the market for a doom and disaster opinion there is no shortage of them. There will be volatility, but predictions of a financial apocalypse where Greece sets off a chain reaction that collapses other countries and ends with savings being confiscated are ridiculous.


Economists Show Their Limitations

26 June 2015

In one corner there are the private economists who might be pushing the subject of their books. In the other corner there are the industry and bank economists who might be protecting their employers’ interests.

What are we talking about? The great Australian real estate bubble debate. It kicked off again this week when the media reported on the submission by economists Lindsay David and Phillip Soos to the Federal Government’s home ownership inquiry. The pair claimed housing prices across all capital cities remain grossly inflated relative to rents, income, inflation and GDP.”


2015 MGH Budget Review

13 May 2015

Federal Government has handed down the Budget for 2015-16. As foreshadowed, the Budget contained few surprises with a number of announcements made in the previous weeks.


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