No Compensation For This Market Injury 

10 December 2015 

When a share market has a poor year diversified investors generally have their pain quarantined for various reasons. Investors holding share funds aren’t likely to have their holdings limited to one share market. They’re also not likely to be holding only share based investments. Any portfolio worth its salt would include fixed interest, listed real estate and cash.


Interest Rate Grumbles

3 December 2015

If there’s one constant about interest rates, it’s no matter where they sit someone will inevitably be grumbling about them. There’s always a belief from some people that they’re entitled to money at a cheaper rate or that they should be compensated better for having money stashed away.


The Lazy Investment Fund

26 November 2015 

If you’re looking for a really valuable present for anyone in their 20’s this Christmas you couldn’t go wrong by handing them $50 and explaining the simple dynamics of time and compounding contributions when it comes to planning for the future.


Playing The Probabilities  

20 November 2015 

When it comes to the share market the media has a notoriously short term focus. And because few investors compile their own stats on share market returns, the media ultimately becomes our share market news filter. 


Gladstone Property Boom & Bust

13 November 2015

Earlier this year we highlighted the impact the winding down of the mining boom was having on real estate in Port Hedland, Western Australia. Now the doom and gloom has spread across to the east coast.


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