Conclusive Market Signals Prove Elusive

11 February 2016

The downside (and benefit) of investments measured in real time means there are ever-present signals that generate real time reactions and real time emotions.


Property Investors of the Year Go Up In Smoke

4 February 2016

It’s no secret the mining boom has ended. Across the country, towns that were previously roaring given their proximity to Australia’s in demand natural resources, have ground to a halt. The massive influx of workers that swamped those towns pushing up living costs have now disappeared, leaving businesses struggling and real estate without demand.


Response to Volatility

19 January 2016

Ten years ago, in another country, a man we’ll call Bill, died at 75. He left his wife, a lady we’ll call Betty, $50,000 and a house worth $350,000. Betty was 65, living on a government pension and no longer wanted the hassle of the house. So she sold it, but before leaving she asked her next-door neighbour for advice on investing the proceeds.


MGH Financial Planners | 2015 Year In Review

Economic Overview  

Divergent policy cycles remained a significant theme in 2015. US authorities responded to improving economic conditions by raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, while central banks elsewhere opted for further stimulus.


Disclosure Would Be Nice

17 December 2015

Being the end of the year, it’s the time when all the financial and economic predictions for the New Year are flying around. Take your pick, but they’ll mostly be wrong or revised mid-year by those who made them so they don’t look so bad.

Or they’ll be mildly conflicted.


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