Planning For Your Financial Future

The two most frequent questions I hear are:

Summer holidays are a distant memory, school is back and university is about to begin. 2017 is well underway. The New Year can be a tempting time to overhaul everything with dramatic resolutions, rather than fine-tuning the good habits we already have. I came across a whimsical article on this point “13 ways unsuccessful people mismanage their time" and wanted to share it. Certainly planning for all life events, including time on the weekend, resonates with most of us! Having financial direction or a financial plan, is also important. As there has been a lot of media noise with the collapse of Greece, Brexit and now President Trump's every pronouncement, it is possible to feel concerned how recent events may affect markets and thus, your investments. The attached article from Bloomberg reinforces the prudent approach, that investing in the market is about consistently and methodically following your plan to achieve your financial goals. To read article, click here " Love Trump or Hate him that is no way to invest"
For those of you actively seeking our review service, assessing whether you are on track with your existing plan will play a key role in my reporting to you this year.
Whether the Trump factor will make the markets as bumpy as Greece, Brexit or the GFC remains to be seen, but investing in the long term is always a good and sound decision.
The two most frequent questions I hear are:
 “Will our finances give me the lifestyle I wish to have”?
 “How long will my money last”?
As always, if you wish to review your financial situation at any stage, or know someone who is asking these questions and therefore might benefit from financial advice and direction, please contact Dale Johnstone, Greg Galvin or myself at MGH Financial Planners on 02 6882 5922.
Best Wishes,
Rosie Hicks
Financial Advisor